Cheung Chau uproar on Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator

Mar 26 2012

In view of public concern on Shek Kwu Chau proposed Incinerator, Government presents public consultation result through Panel of Environmental Affairs of Legislative Council on March 26th, 2012.

Cheung Chau representatives actively expressed their concerns.

Cheung Chau Kaifong Society, Ms. Kwong Wai-kuen opposed to the notion a low cost version at Tsang Tsui Ash Lagoon is not adopted where as a high cost version is recommended in Shek kwu Chau with massive reclamation impacting environment negatively. On top of it Cheung Chau feng shui is adversely affected.

Chairman of Cheung Chau Wei Hoi Luk Clansmen Ltd, Kwong Sai-loi, opposed with concern on air pollution with toxic pollutants, construction leading to undermining eco-tourism in Cheung Chau and to destruction of Chinese White Dolphin habitat.

Effort should be made to reduce and recycle waste as incinerator is not imminent.

Chairman of Cheung Chau Ching Wa Sports Association Limited, Siu Ka-mum, opposed it for its proximity to Cheung Chau and potential health threat. He added that maintenance cost would be high with desalination and waste water treatment facilities.

Most effective way to tackle waste problem was through reuse, recovery and recycling.

Chairman of Cheung Chau Tai Sun Street Kaifong Society, Johnny Hung, stronly opposed to it for its further erosion of fishing ground, negative impact on Cheung Chau tourism. More importantly, the EIA is based on outdated bechmark.

Chairman of Cheung Chau Chinese Merchant Association, Kwong Kwok-wai, concerned with high construction cost and its effectiveness, as well as transport network and supporting facilities.

Chairman of Cheung Chau St. Heart School alumni, Wong Pak-ling, asked the Government to withdraw the development completely given its negative impact on Cheung Chau in terms of health and its proximity.

This development is also offensive to deity and ancestors given its location facing Pak Tai Temple and Cheung Chau Cemetery.

Chinese White Dolphin

Chinese White Dolphin



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