Wong Wai Tsak Tong, Cheung Chau

Jan 01 1905

Wong Wai Tsak Tong, Cheung Chau

Wong Wai Tsak Tong was land owner of 90% of private land on Cheung Chau.

According to Wong Wai Tsak Tong’s clan book, the Tong originated from Po Tin area of Fujian (Fookin) province around Southern Sung Dynasty, (A.D.1127-1279), then moved to Guandong (Canton) from Fujian and settled down in the province.

Further to  Land Claim in 1899,  the Hong Kong Colonial Government registered  Wong Wai Tsak Tong in 1905, in the form of  Block Crown Lease as owner of 90% of private land on Cheung Chau.

Wong Wai Tsak Tong then issued 5-year lease for land to individual owners, and also collected payment of Crown Rent and paid to Hong Kong Colonial Government.

This practice went on till 1995 when a legislation, Block Crown Lease (Cheung Chau) Ordinance, passed to terminate Wong Wai Tsak Tong as the Taxlord for Hong Kong Colonial Government on Cheung Chau.

In the press release from Hong Kong SAR Government dated 25th of May in 2011, in response to query from Mr. Tsim Pui-Chung , Legislative Councillor of Legislative Council, Mrs Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor, Chief Secretary of Hong Kong SAR Government, clearly stated that “a sum of HK$20.0 millions have been made to Wong Wai Tsak Tong in 2004 as compensation, which is not calculated on basis on size of land. There were no legal process involved in recovering Cheung Chau land from Wong Wai Tsak Tong.”

She also said “Block Crown Lease (Cheung Chau) Ordinance, passed in July in 1995 has terminated Wong Wai Tsak Tong status on Cheung Chau legally, and all sub-lessee from Wong Wai Tsak Tong will become lessee of Hong Kong SAR Government.”

Wong Wai Tsak Tong, however, remains as the biggest land owner and landlords on Cheung Chau, according to Land Registry of Hong Kong SAR Government.

Wong Wai Tsak Tong Clan's Book

Wong Wai Tsak Tong Clan’s Book

cheung chau OLD map

Cheung Chau Map, 1874

Wong Wai Tsak Tong Clan’s Book

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