Land Survey in New Territories, 1900

Jan 01 1900

Land Survey in New Territories, 1900

Stewart Lockhart, mentioned in his report on New Territories dated 8th Oct 1898, that there was urgent need to survey all land in New Territories. It was approved by the Governor.

Mr. Tate and Mr. Newland were put in charge of a team of surveyors and survey collies hired from India, along  together with local collies.

In his 1900 January report, Mr. P Tate mentioned land surveying is experiencing no problem in New Territories, mainly as a result of employment of  local collies.

But Stewart Lockhart, emphasised in his 1900 report to Governor that it has lot to do with issue of Government Notice in Chinese.

“In fact land surveying also made land owners more positive in registering land titles with Colonial Government in view of the determination shown by the authority in land administration in New Territories.”  Stewart Lockhart.

H K MAP IN 1898

Hong Kong Map in 1898

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