Cheung Chau Rural Committee ,1960

Jan 01 1960

Cheung Chau Rural Committee 1960

Austin Coates , Assistant District Officer of  New Territories South of Colonial Government of  Hong Kong  recorded in 1950’s that then Government recognised Cheung Chau Residents Association as the only official organisation to represent Cheung Chau interest.

Cheung Chau Residents Association is the relic from Second World War set up by Japanese Army in the name of Greater East Asia Prosperity Circle.

For the sake of smooth administration of Cheung Chau after the war, British military allowed it unchanged and keep its organisation as well as its name.

Up until early 1950’s, Government stopped recognising this organisation and cut off communication with it after a big chaos in election of its official.

Then Colonial Government was planning to set up a new official body called Cheung Chau Rural Committee, and to transfer the fund raised by leasing from Wong Wai Tsak Tong’s properties for its operation to be managed by Cheung Chau Rural Committee.

The Government, however, took quite a few years till 1960 to complete the setting up of Cheung Chau Rural Committee.

In between, Cheung Chau Chamber of Commerce took over the job of liaison with Government.

Cheung Chau Rural Committee

Cheung Chau Rural Committee

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