Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital, 1872

Jan 01 1872

Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital, 1872

According to assessment report in 2009 from Antiquities and Monuments Office of  Hong Kong Government :

“Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital was set up by Mr. Choi Leung , a merchant on the island.

His aim is to provide shelter to the homeless and sick and those perished in sea during typhoon. It was then expanded in 1915 by Cheung Chau Kai Fong.”

Based on the record from Land Registry of Hong Kong Lands Department, Cheung Chau Kai Fong, represented by Chu Fook, and Lo Chiu, and witnessed by Wong Wai Tsak Tong Manager, Wong Tsuen Ting ,on 5th of December in 1914, executed a deed of exchange of  Cheung Chau  Lot 340 with a parcel of land of 4,500 s.f.. from Colonial Government.  It is Cheung Chau Lot 732 where Fong Bin Hospital now located.

This act caused then Assistant District Officer for New Territories South, Eric Hamilton, to comment on news of death of Chu Fook in report in 1921, of his great amount of work for Cheung Chau community.

It also led to him remark in his report in 1922 on death of  Wong Tsuen Ting, Manager of  Wong Wai Tsak Tong, of his and his predecessor’s appreciation for Wong’s continuous support and his capability in Cheung Chau community work.

Antiquities and Monuments Office also mentioned “Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital was mainly providing Chinese Medicine, and was under major renovation in 1931 and 1951 to cope with demand.

It was changed hand to Cheung Chau Residents Association in 1945, reputable Chinese medication practice was hired, visitors came as far as other outlying  islands.”

But ever since 1934 when St John’s Ambulance opened Haw Par Hospital providing western medicine, Fong Bin Hospital was slowly fading away till complete abandon in 1988.

Right now the premises are in ruin, ownership is managed on temporary basis by Assistant District Officer for New Territories South.

長洲方便醫院 方便醫院大新街
Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital – Tai Sun Street
Cheung Chau Fong Bin Hospital Donation plaque

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