Cheung Chau 100 years ago

Cheung Chau Voting Requirement

2009 Jan 09

According to minutes of meeting held on 9th Jan 2009 by Legislative Council Panel on Home Affairs, all members of Cheung Chau Rural Committee (CCRC) are Kaifong Representatives.

In response to challenge by local Cheung Chau resident, Kwok Cheuk Kin, to have CCRC election covered by Village Representative Election Ordinance (VREO), Home Affair Department insisted Cheung Chau is a market town, never has there been any village.

Deputy Director of Home Affair, indirectly acknowledged, CCRC is, in practice, and in reality a Kaifong Association even though it is called Cheung Chau Rural Committee.

As for consultation by Home Affair Department, Cheung Hok Ming of Heung Yee Kuk said any indigenous village should have already existed in 1898, the year British took over New Territories and outlying islands of Hong Kong, and village representation should have been in place before 1999, shortly after which VREO was enacted.

CCRC suggested Cheung Chau is not indigenous village.

Even being unable to reach conclusion in the meeting, this finding propels the Government subsequently to lower the island voter qualification from 7-year residency requirement to 3-year, and 6-year for candidates.


Election Polling

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