Cheung Chau 100 years ago

Cheung Chau Old Town Road Work

2004 Feb 04

In a Legislative Council Finance Committee, Public Works Subcommittee paper dated 4th Feb 2004, Director of Territory Development (DTD), with the support of Secretary of Housing, Planning and Lands, seek for funding for work to upgrade the roads in Cheung Chau old town, which are not accessible for modern emergency vehicles.

Acting on advice from Fire Service Department, the proposal for construction of 4.5m wide road connecting On Wing Centre and Wo Shun Lane is initiated. It also recommends to widen Kwok Man Road to 4.5m and reconstruct Peak Road.

On March 28th, 2002, public consultation triggered 38 objections including one objection representing over 200 objectors.

The objections were mainly related to land resumption, especially along Peak Road, and tree felling.

Vehicle passing bays at suitable locations along Peak Road was proposed as part of road widening initiative following discussion with objectors.

Two objectors refuse to withdraw their objections in fear of clearance of balcony structure and small hut at Kwok Man Road.

Government took enforcement action accordingly.


Cheung Chau Fire Engine

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