Cheung Chau 100 years ago

Cheung Chau Peak European Reserve, 1920

1920 Jan 01

Around 1920’s, European started constructing weekend bungalows on Cheung Chau Peak area facing Hong Kong Island, but not on the other side of Cheung Chau due to malaria, according to then Assistant District Officer, Eric Hamilton, in his report.

Another Assistant District Officer of 1950’s, Paul Tsui, commented that he did not understand why the biggest landlords on the island, Wong Wai Tsak Tong, did not claim the area on the peak in Cheung Chau.

Before Second World War, nobody, except European, is allowed to own property or live on the Peak area of Cheung Chau.

This policy, however, was dropped not long after Second World War, along with cancellation of European Reserve on the peak on Hong Kong Island and in Tai Po.


Cheung Chau Peak

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