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Cheung Po Tsai, Pirate, 1806-1810

1810 Jan 01

Cheung Po Tsai,  Pirate1806-1810

According to Pun Yu County record in late Ching Dynasty, Cheung Po , was the pirate in Southern China coast.

Cheung Po went out fishing with his father when he was around 15 years old, and was captured by Red Flag pirate leader of South China, Cheng Yat, who was descendant of Cheng Shing Kung, the famous sea explorer of Ming dynasty.

Cheng Yat later died in typhoon. His wife promoted Cheung Po as assistant to control the Red Flag pirates.

For his young age, other pirates started calling him Po Tsai. (literally in English, kid Po)

Cheung Po Tsai active leadership of Red Flag pirates only lasted between 1806 and 1810.

As a result of fear of revenge by another leader, Kwok Por Dai, of Black Flag pirates, and on the advice by wife of Cheng Yat, he surrendered to Ching Government.

He was given a position of military officer in Ching army, got officially married with wife of Cheng Yat. She later started casino business in Macau.

Cheung Po Tsai used Tung Chung of Lantau Island as repair and maintenance base,  and once broke through the blockage set up in Chek Lap Kwok by joint force of Ching and Portuguese navies.

Based on report of 2 East India Company sailors kidnapped by Cheung Po Tsai, he had over 500 boats and around 25,000 pirates under his command at his peak.


Cheung Po Tsai Cave on Cheung Chau

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