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Hong Kong Government subsidy to Cheung Chau ferry

2013 May 24

Hong Kong Government subsidy to Cheung Chau ferry

In the paper dated 24th, May 2013, submitted by Transport and Housing Bureau to Transport Panel of Legislative Council, the Bureau stated the 2011-12 subsidy to the 6-route outlying islands ferry operators amounted to HK$37m.

Of  the subsidy, HK$3.52m was given to New World Ferry for Cheung Chau and Central route children concession fare.

It is the highest amount the 6 routes in operation, far beyond the second highest of Mui Wo and Central route, at just HK$1.46m.

The subsidy is expected to go up to HK$191m in next license period, based on actual expenses, inflation rate and minimum wages etc.

Some legislator queried why not give subsidy directly for fuel expenses, the biggest expenses item in ferry operation.

Average daily passenger volume for Cheung Chau and Central route amounted to  23,610, much more than 11,648 for Discovery Bay and Central route.

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For further information, please click : Cheung Chau Ferry Schedule
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