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Instruction to Police to guard against Malaria, 1900

1900 Jan 01

Instruction to Police to guard against Malaria, 1900

From J M Atkinson , Principal Civic Medical Officer’s report dated 12th January 1900

1. Water  from bath-rooms or cook-houses should not be thrown over the ground near the station

2. Pools or puddles of stagnant water near the station should be filled  up and turfed

3. Preserve trees in the neighbourhood of the station, as shade is beneficial

4. On returning from duty wet, either from rain or perspiration, immediately get into dry change of clothes having a hot    bath before doing so if possible, particularly avoid sitting in wet clothes.

5. Bathe in hot water not cold, this does not prohibit sea-bathing.

6. Eat, drink and smoke in moderation, especially remembering that though a small quantity of alcohol is beneficial a large quantity is injurious. Stimulants should not be taken until the day’s work is over.

7. The best drink during the heat of the day is lemonade (made by boiling for half-an-hour a sliced lemon or four limes in a pint and a half of water)

8. Be careful always to wear a helmet or sunhat when exposed to sun

9. As a preventative take a five-grain quinine pill every morning before breakfast during the month May-September

The Hong Kong Government Principal Civic Medical Officer,John Mitford Atkitson,香港政府首席醫務專員, John Mitford Atkitson

John Mitford Atkinson

Principal Civic Medical Officer , 1900

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