Cheung Chau 100 years ago

Cheung Chau, Ferry and Pier

1910 Jan 01

Cheung Chau, Ferry and Pier

Walter Schofield, Assistant District Officer for New Territories South (1910′s), wrote the ferry serving Cheung Chau was single-decked, run by Cheung Chau Kai Fong Wui.

Single voyage costed HK$3 cents, for HK$5 cents, Kai Fong Wui would provide a bamboo chair for you at the front of the deck.

Ferry Ordinance was passed in 1917, requiring operator to replace those old launches ferrying between Yaumatei, Kowloon City and Cheung Chau, with 2nd hand Star Ferry boats, to avoid those old launches going turtle during journey, and therefore loss of lives.

In 1928, new operator issued new ferry time schedule causing inconvenience to islander. The crux of the issue was the time table primarily designed to suite the schedule of passenger from Hong Kong Island, not to the fisherman from Cheung Chau.

Cheung Chau pier was constructed with wood before 1920′s.

On 13th of August in 1920, Hong Kong Colonial Government Director of Public Work, A H Hollingsworth gazetted to invite interest party to tender for erection of concrete pier at Cheung Chau.

From then on, wooden pier disappeared from Cheung Chau.

Cheung Chau Old Ferry
Cheung Chau Old Ferry
Cheung Chau Old Pier
Cheung Chau Old Pier
For further information, please click : Cheung Chau Ferry Schedule
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