Cheung Chau 100 years ago

Pirates attack on Cheung Chau Police Station. August 21st, 1912

1912 Aug 21

Hong Kong Colonial Government New Territories South Assistant District Officer, S H Peplow, recorded at mid night of August 21st 1912 , a group of 50 pirates in small boats landed in Cheung Chau near Police Station.

They went in to kill 3 Indian Police on duty, ransacked the station and took away HK$3,000 cash from the safe, together with all guns and ammunition.

The pirates went on to rob all shops and residences in neighbourhood.

One or two pirates died and some are also injured.

The piracy shocked Hong Kong and caused Cheung Chau Police Station to move in 1913-1914 to high ground from the shore, at current location in Police Station Path.



Cheung Chau Police Station

Click here to view the route map

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