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Water Supply Pipeline Upgrade

2013 Feb 05

In the Legislative Council Finance Committee – Public Work subcommittee paper dated Feb 5th. 2013, the Director of Water Supplies seeks for funding of  $254.8m to upgrade water supply pipeline to Cheung Chau.

A new method, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), will be employed to replace the conventional submarine pipe lying method, at a cost of 1.4 times higher to upgrade the current 500mm diameter submarine water main.

The HDD method will have little impact to the environment, avoiding disruption to the busy marine traffic at Adamasta Channel near Cheung Chau.

Also, the old method will not be viable as there were inadequate sea-front areas on Cheung Chau for it to work on.

Contingency plan of deployment of 6 vessels is drawn up to supply fresh water to Cheung Chau in the event of emergency.

Submarine Pipeline

Submarine Pipeline

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