British Colonial Government Policy on land administration in New Territories, 1899

Jan 17 1900

British  Colonial Government Policy on land administration in New Territories, 1899

Bruce Shepherd, then Deputy Land Officer, stated clearly in his report to Government dated 17th January, 1900, of British Colonial Government Policy in land administration in New Territories.

The policy would be based on the Land Registration Ordinance of 1843, requiring all land owners to register their land ownerships from Ching Dynasty, they would then be issued  title deeds for a period of 99 years.

Henry Blake, the Governor, issued a Chinese notice on 12th July 1899 informing all land owners of  New Territories and Outlying Islands to file their claims of  land ownerships.

Stewart Lockhart emphasised all owners ought to bring along their Ching Dynasty title deeds in person, submit the filled-in claim form to visiting officer to the village.

A list of  land owner names would be posted in the village for 7 days. If there was no dispute, a certificate of title would be issued to individual owner after payment of Crown Rent.

If there were disputes, the case would be passed on to Squatters Board for examination and the outcome would be decided by Governor.

All land in New Territories would be surveyed for its size and exact location, land not claimed would be British Colonial Government land.

“ Do not say that I have not warned you here, do not show disobedience.” Henry Blake.

FORM 指定表格

English Land Claim Form

Chinese Land Claim Form

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